Wednesday, February 4, 2009

School Uniform

In Japan, we usually have school uniform for High and Junior High schools, sometimes elementary schools too. The typical uniform is,,,

For girls, there is another typical uniform.

For aggressive boys, there is a special one.

Some new types come recently.

Otaku in Akihabara

Otaku means a group of people with strong preference to anime, manga and video games. They look like the Japanese version of hippie. They have their own style in clothes, dancing, way of speaking, etc. Their favorite town is Akihabara, also known as Akihabara Electric Town.

Most of them love wearing some costume of their favorite characters in anime or manga.

And they love dancing.

Sushi Restaurants in Japan

Sushi restaurants in Japan are totally different from here, in San Diego. The interior of traditional Sushi restaurants is like


They usually have counter seating, not table seating. You can make an order directly to chefs over the counter.

Threre are a new kind of Sushi restaurant called "Kaiten-Sushi". This becomes very popular recently, especially for families.  

It is easier to explain it by video than by picture, see the following video.

Many kinds of dishes are movinig on the belt, and you can take what you want to eat. The design of plates are different by price. Though it looks funny or strange, it is very common style for Sushi restaurant in Japan recently.

Let me show you another funny movie about Sushi. Keep in mind it is a kind of comedy! Don't take it seriously.